December 22, 2008

first post--because there has to be one..

for some time now my friends have been encouraging me to blog. and yet, i have procrastinated and put it off, thinking i need to have some kind of brilliant first entry, to set the tone and get myself going. i have given up on that strategy, as it seems only to discourage me from writing at all.

so here they are, the parameters for my blog, as they stand presently in my brain:

-this is a journal format. in other words, these are my thoughts, as they come to me. unedited.

- this blog is about culture and the arts.

-it is to share. i will be uploading all sorts of things, from photos to articles and links to other blogs and i hope you will join in the discussion and give feedback!

i suppose that is all for now.


the blue eyed magpie


Heather Irene said...

Finally, we get to have all of the opinions of Rachel on a website. Brilliant!

blueeyedmagpie said...

thanks, heather!

spread the word, baby, spread the word.